Marini Naturals is Africa’s first quality haircare range for all natural hair. It is a Kenyan-owned haircare line founded by two friends; Michelle Ntalami and Niyati Patel. The idea came to Michelle in 2013 when she made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, and hence cut her hair to grow it afresh naturally. However, at the time there were very few good quality and affordable products that catered to the African woman with natural hair.

For months on end, Michelle spent so much time and money in search of the perfect products that could work on her kinky African hair. She began importing a few but these were too expensive to be sustainable. Being a natural herself, Michelle understood what other natural African women were going through every day in the quest to find quality products or regimens that actually work, without leaving their pockets dry.

Because of this, she was determined to create a quality hair-care line that is fully suited to the natural-haired African, men, women and children alike. She shared the idea with her family and her best friend Niyati, and the beautiful journey began! Through their research, they discovered that the main struggle for Africans wasn’t so much growing long hair, but keeping their hair healthy, soft and manageable. Niyati being from Indian heritage, brought in a wealth of expertise on how to maintain long, strong, healthy hair using natural herbs and remedies, as has been the secret of the Indian community for years! Together, they therefore, sought to make moisture the main differentiator for all Marini Naturals products. This is because moisture is the key to healthy, manageable and strong African hair!

And so, in 2013, with the help of top laboratories, formulators, cosmetic experts, hairdressers and designers, they came together, researched, formulated, tested and created a product of their own. They called it “Marini Naturals.” Marini is a Swahili word which means “Naturally Beautiful” just like us natural beauties! Here is a good analogy; in Swahili, you would call a “hot girl” mrembo. But hot girls are many; and few are beautiful, in and out. When a girl is beautiful, she’s “Marini!” :-)

Today, through Marini's full range of products, we are proud to say Kenya and Africa finally have a natural hair-care line of their own which is sure to understand their coils, kinks, and curls like no other! Michelle & Niyati successfully managed to make all the products rich in moisture, ensuring your hair is soft and manageable all day! And let's not even get started on the scents of these products...

As we proudly sign off on our story, we leave you with one phrase that we are determined to make a verb; Get Marinifed! :)


Michelle & Niya.